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About Drone.Direct

The Drone Direct in a nutshell.

Drone Direct sells and repairs unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), multi-rotors with four, six and eight propellers. We focus our business on safe and high quality multi-rotors.

Drone Direct aims for customer satisfaction. When buying a Direct-Drone "Ready to Fly" have confidence that your purchase complies with the most stringent European laws on redundancy of aerial electronic systems (airworthiness). In conjunction with our training services "Direct a Drone" we almost eliminate the possibility of accidents. We make presale demonstrations of  our multi-rotors and guarantee high quality assembly. We also offer warranty and equipment inspections during the first year.

Features of our products:

  • Lightweight and fast.
  • German technology.
  • Safe and stable.
  • Support different cameras up to 4 kg.
  • GPS Guidance and Reference Points (Points Way).
  • Made of Carbon Fiber and Aluminium.
  • Solutions ready to fly.
  • Warranty and scheduled service.
  • For more information: Contact our team

Direct-Drone Applications

Our Direct-Drone multi-rotors can be used in various applications with maximum trust. The UAV technology is expanding in new commercial fields, such has, aerial event coverage in real time, forest protection, security and surveillance, professional photography, transportation and agriculture.



Safe and reliable

Our multi-rotors have redundant systems.


Four, six and height propellers

Choose according to your needs.


Support and gimbals for SLR, GoPro, BlackMagic, RED, Infra-red.

Made with Carbon Fiber in several sizes.


FAA Approves Drone Use in Filming

Forbes says: " Drones Are Coming To Hollywood: FAA Set To Announce Approval For Use In Filming"

This is one indication that the FAA regulations are becoming more flexible towards Commercial UAVs.

"The FAA will approve Hollywood’s request to use drones for filming, government and industry sources familiar with the process have told Forbes. On Thursday afternoon the FAA will announce its decision, and explain the procedures under which production companies will operate and the aviation rules which they are exempted from, the sources say."

source: forbes

Flying Arm Drone

A group of researchers in Seville, Spain, have developed the first Drone with a Robotic Arm.


Among the possible uses are industrial inspections and maintenance, the transportation of terrestrial robots in inaccessible areas, the construction of platforms to evacuate people in case of an emergency, or even space missions where they can carry out maintenance on satellites,” explains Aníbal Ollero Baturone, a scientific advisor at FADA-CATEC and project coordinator on the ARCAS project.

CATEC is a technological centre of excellence managed by the Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace development (FADA), aimed to research new technologies for the aerospace industry. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the companies within the sector, through scientific research, technological development and innovation, and meet the R&D&I demand of the companies that comprise the Andalusian aeronautical network and the rest of national and international companies.


UAV and UCA Conferences

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and the unmanned cargo aircrafts (UCA) have each a European Conference in the upcoming months.

In 21 and 22 of October the Commercial UAV Show 2014 in London will be the largest global gathering of the commercial and civil UAV universe.

With 1,500 attendees, 70 + exhibitors and over 80 speakers, The Commercial UAV Show 2014 will provide its audiences with crucial insights into this emerging market and enable them to hear first-hand from both industry and end user organisations who are leading the way in this exciting space.

We will report about this Commercial Drone Show.

Later in 5 February of 2015 there will be a Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference at the World Forum, in Hague, Netherlands.

With a wide range of speakers the programm is not yet closed and you can still aply to the conference. 


Commercial UAV Show 2014

UCV Conference

We will be at The Commercial UAV Show in London

Direct-Drone will visit The Commercial UAV Show in Olympia London.

We are not going alone to London, there we will get to know more than 70 exhibitors and 1500 delegates of companies from the four continents. 

In "The Commercial UAV Show" we will make contacts with most of the UAVs manufactures, and learn so much about the new developments in the commercial usage of Drones, from companies that use them day to day, in the fields of agriculture, industry, inspections, surveillance, nature conservation and video/photography. 

Once again Direct-Drone is directly involved in the construction of a better and more communicative UAV commercial community. 

We hope to establish new and strong connections and expand the amount of products and technical expertise to our portfolio.

Keep reading... more good news are coming!

In the 16th of October we will be speaking at FNAC in Porto, Portugal. This is the first conference about the usage of Drones in Portugal!

Direct-Drone will also bring exposition UAVs and Nanodrones for demonstration.

The entrance is free and we will begin at 18:00 hours. More details will be published in a future article.

Read more about the Commercial UAV Show in this article.