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Multirotor Repair

Need a maintenance service?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

      My multirotor needs to be updated.

      I started assembling my multirotor but I need professional help to finish its construction.

      I want a little tuning on the video platform to achieve the best professional results


We upgrade, repair and adjust your multi-rotor based on MikroKopter, DJI and other electronic systems platform.

Download and complete the repair form below and send us an email (with photos, if possible) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once we have received and reviewed your situation we will get in touch with budget costs for your project.

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New in our Store

  • Mikrokopter Flight Control V 3.0

    Mikrokopter Flight Control V 3.0

    Mikrokopter FlightControl V3.0!
    FlightControl with integrated NaviControl: This is the new autopilot for MikroKopter - precise piloting with 32-bit navigation control combined in one module.

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  • 3DR IRIS +

    3DR IRIS +

    A Drone.Direct oferece aos profissionais de fotografia e vídeo um drone com uma relação preço / qualidade excepcional e que não encontrará no mercado alternativa da gama: o IRIS +, fabricado nos Estados Unidos pela 3DRobotics.

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  • 3dr SOLO

    3dr SOLO

    3DR Solo é o novo smart drone da 3D Robotics. O SOLO é um Smart Drone em virtude da utilização de processadores de 1GHZ no drone e no controle remoto, que correm Linux.

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  • DJI Phantom 3

    DJI Phantom 3

    The new Phantom 3 Professional enables premium aerial photography for everyone!

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