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Mikrokopter Software Update 2.10

Mikrokopter Software Update 2.10 what's new!


1. Rotation rate for automatic yawing at waypoints and POI limited to 100°/sec

2. Baro measuring range changeover

3. The Baro altitude measurement has new calibration - the old value was about 5% too high

4. Data structure of "External Control" changed. 

- now the MK can be completely controlled via serial commands - including starting, calibrating,...

5. Logging

- now the data is saved after every GPX-Block to the SD-card (Flush() )

- in case of Power-Off the data is safe. In the past versions up to 3 seconds could be lost in case of sudden power off.

- it was sucessfully tested up to 200ms logging 

- GPX-logging starts with motor start. In older Versions the logfile started after liftoff.

6. Cameratool calculates picture overlapping 

7. Yaw direction for ComingHome

You can choos if the MK should turn automatically while using ComingHome

- No change

- Front to Home (for FPV)

- Rear to Home (makes manual control easier)

- Direction like orientation at start


- Changed: GPS version detection

- SPI communication optimized -> some Data are faster, some are slower 

- BL-State (Current, Temperature,...) are now faster transferred for Logging

- Altimeter in Data3D (serial data)

- Bugfix: Output LED Blinking when RC-Lost

- Logfile:

- <GeoMag> with one comma value

- <GpsVersion> in Logfile

- <Compass> with one comma value

- <Receiver> Receiver type in logfile

- <MagSensor> Magnetsensor type in logfile

- <Kalibr.> Sensor Data at ACC-Calibration (Boat-Values)

How to update?

Read the instructions on this Wiki or reach us for help or we could do that for you.

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